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Bungee Run Bungee Run

Bungee Run

Dual lane Bungee Run 39' long with blower attached, 12' wide, supplied with kids and adult bungee cords.
The bungee run is suitable for adults and children from approx. 10 years, everyone keeps coming back for more!
Strap yourself to the bungee harness, take the velcro batton and run like mad, try to place your marker ahead of your opponents, before the bungee cords catapult you backwards.

Click here to see one in action.


Each player starts from the centre of the inflatable, the aim of the game is to place all the velcro batons one at a time on the tabs at the end.
This may sound simple but at the other end of the inflatable is your opponent, attached to the other end of the same bungee rope, who is trying to do the exactly the same. The bungee rope will only stretch so far before one gets bungee' d backwards!
The first player to correctly place all the batons is the winner.
Tactics and not just strength play a big part in this fun game which can provide hysterical fun for players and a game that always get the spectators cheering!
35' Long 14' Wide With Blower Attached 19' Overall Width


Jungle Theme Slide

Jungle Theme  Jungle Theme  Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme Slide suitable for up to 12 year olds measures 20' Long 10' High 10' Wide ( with blower attached Width 16' )

Fun Run

Fun Run

Fun Run

"Funrun incorporates squeeze tubes, biff and bash, climbing wall and a great slide suitable for up to 12 year olds measures 28' x 9'5" x 11'h"


Action Hero Bouncy Castle

Action Hero Bouncy Castle

Action Hero Bouncy Castle

Large Bouncy Castle with a fantastic Action Hero theme great for boys and girls suitable for up to 12 year olds measures 15'w x 18l x 12' h


Slide Combination

Slide Combination

Slide Combination

Slide combination castle suitable for up to 7 year olds, measures 12'W x 23'L (with blower) x 10'H


Wizard Castle
Wizard Castle suitable for up to 12 year olds
15'L x 15'W x 11'H

Inflatable Twister 12' x 12' great fun at parties, supplied with 2 soft play dice one for body part other for colour

Great for parties in or outdoors. Supplied with blower ground sheet anchor pegs. Crash mats & extension cables supplied if required. Delivery possible, extra charge applies. to enquire about prices and availability

Cowboy castle
Wild west castle suitable for up to 10 year old's measures 12'L x 12'W x 11'H

Slide from rear

Blue Slide


Inflatable slides suitable for up to 10 year olds measurements start from 19'L x 14'W x 11'H with blower attached


Penalty Shoot - Speed Radar

Try and get as many balls as possible through the target holes.

Also incorporates a Speed Radar with a digital display which measures how fast the ball is travelling.

You can either play the number of balls scored or a competition to see who can kick the ball the fastest or a combination of both.

Crossbow Challenge

Crosbow Challenge a great new game for all ages, place a sucker dart in the crossbow draw the string back aim at the target pull the trigger and try to get a high score.

Comes with the added bonus of blow guns (sterilised after every hire) which use the same sucker darts, take a big deep breath in and blow can hit the target from 20' away.


Comes with 3 targets 3 toy crossbows 3 blow guns and plenty of sucker darts.


Party Extras

Air Dancer
Inflatable Giant Birthday Cake also  Inflatable Happy Birthday Arch both supplied with low noise built in fans 1.8m in height and 2.2 in height, can be used in or outdoors, supplied with anchor pegs

Party Time High Air Dancer 20' high supplied with fan, great for getting your party noticed. 

Birthday Cake and Arch


Sumo Hire

Sumo Suits
Childrens suits will fit approximately 6 to 12 year olds
Adult suits will fit 5' high and above
12 X 12 padded mat, suits, head gear and neck braces supplied
All thats needed to get your party of to a flying start

Gladiator Duel Hire

The aim of the game is to knock you opponent off the

podium with the 6 feet long padded duelling sticks

best of three knockdowns wins. Supplied with headguards

for added safety. Suitable for 8 year olds to adults

The inflatable fighting bed measures 23' long x 16' wide


All our equipment is regularly inspected and cleaned and all electrical items PAT safety tested.


A Member Of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance


We Have Full Public Liability Insurance Cover Up To 5,000,000

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